Frequently Asked Questions – Wedding Photography

Have a question? Check here chances are good I’ve got your answer, if not then please by all means call or email me and I’d be happy to answer any question you might have.

What’s up with the red shoes ?

Honestly, it all started because my feet hurt. 12-18 hours on your feet in leather soled dress shoes will do that.  If I had two weddings in the same weekend it was doubly painful and come Sunday morning it would hurt to walk.  I decided it was time to get some more comfortable shoes, but honestly my choices were limited.  Have you seen what passes as a comfortable “dress” shoe.  They are black hospital shoes.  So I reasoned if I’m going to wear what amounts to tennis shoes then I might as well just wear actual tennis shoes, and if I’m going to do that then I’m going to have fun with it.  Since I started wearing the shoes people have said to me “oh your the photographer with the shoes…I love your work”.  A former bride even redesigned my logo to incorporate my fun red shoes.

How would you describe your style of photography ?

I actually work in a fusion of a few different styles.  My bridal, engagement, wedding, newlywed, and boudoir portraits are a blend of classical and fashion inspired portraits with a hint of lifestyle photography tossed in for good measure.  My coverage of the wedding ceremony and reception will be shot almost exclusively in a documentary photo-journalistic approach.  I believe it’s best to let events unfold naturally and to capture those special emotion filled moments as they occur.

What is included in your Wedding Packages ?

Your wedding is an extremely special day in your life and it is the  job of your wedding photographer to create amazing art from that day – the whole day, not just a hour before and a few hours after your wedding. That is why I only offer full day coverage. I do not believe in limited wedding day coverage. Additionally, because I wholeheartedly believe that art isn’t truly art until it is on display I include a handcrafted album with each wedding. This album can be upgraded in a number of ways to match your personal taste. My goal is to have your album become not just a record of your wedding day but a treasured family heirloom.

What camera do you use ?

For all paid work I shoot with the latest generation full-frame Nikon digital slr.  I love this camera.  It performs in low light situations that would be impossible with any other camera and the resolution is amazing. However I am a pack rat when it comes to cameras and I do have a “tiny” collection.  I still use many of my film and Polaroid cameras on a regular basis. Recently I was asked to shoot 4×5 large format film for a wedding,  so if you wanted me to shoot film or pop out some Polaroids I would be happy to do so.

Why should I do an engagement session ?

The engagement session is a necessity in any good wedding photo package.  I believe this so much that I include this session with my wedding day package.  It is during this time that I will really get to know my clients and they will get to know me.  This getting to know you period is critical for developing that all important feeling of comfort in front of my camera.  During a consultation and planing period I will ask how you met, about your courtship, your proposal, what you like to do as individuals, what you like to do together, your fashion sense,  your hobbies – it’s like a first date or a job interview, but a lot more fun because we will be working together to develop and design your  personalized engagement session.  Once we have a plan in place we will set a date to create your your photos.

It will be these photos that help to form the core of your wall art collection with which you can decorate your new home.  This core art, unlike the wedding day photos, will have a lasting place on the walls of your home because they are casual lifestyle portraits of you as a couple.  They capture the essence of who you are as a couple during this exciting point in your lives together. Your engagement art won’t be tied to a specific day in your life and will not tend to get “old and dated” over time like a formal wedding day portrait. Would you really want a formal wedding portrait hanging in your living room five years after your wedding? You may, but it’s not likely. In all likelihood it will be replaced with a family portrait and your wedding portrait will be moved into the bedroom.   I am happy to make suggestions about how to best utilize your engagement art to enrich your home’s walls.

What should I expect for my bridal session ?

Bridal portrait sessions are the best way to document that indescribable beauty of a bride to be.  They are very important in creating images that will help compliment and contribute to any wedding album or guest book you wish to have made.  Most of my brides also have one large print and a couple of smaller prints made for display at the reception.

What is boudoir photography ?

The term boudoir derives from the French verb, bouder, meaning “to be sulky”.  I actually don’t think that is an accurate description at all but that’s where it comes from.  In reality boudoir photography is a sensual celebration of the beauty, and femininity of a bride-to-be.  We will work together to create beautiful and sexy photos that you can give as a gift to your future husband.  Your session can be as mild or as wild as you like.  Your attire can range from his favorite button up or jersey to high heels, stockings, and a corset to nothing but a sly smile – it’s all up to you. First and foremost this session will be done with your comfort and privacy always in mind.  I will never share your boudoir images with anyone unless you give me the express permission to do so.

Should I have my rehearsal dinner photographed ?

Yes! The rehearsal dinner is one of the most intimate and emotional times during your entire wedding process. Typically it is only your closest friends and family in a relaxed yet intimate setting. Often times they will pour out their true feelings and say or do things they would not do on the wedding day. You will want me to capture those very personal, moving and emotional moments during your rehearsal dinner.

Will you be the one actually shooting our wedding ?

Always.  I will be with you the entire day from start to finish, unlike some larger photography & videography companies that just assign some shooter you’ve never met to cover your wedding for a few hours.

Do you ever book more than one wedding a day ?

Never.  Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and the last thing you want to worry about is your photographer running late or rushing to leave early because of another job.  I firmly believe that the best wedding photographers will be with you for the full day from start to finish.

How many photographers do you have for the wedding day ?

I am the primary photographer for all weddings I shoot, and have successfully photographed weddings solo for years.  That being said I have a list of highly accomplished second shooters I can call on if you want additional coverage.

Do you bring back-up equipment to the event in case something unforeseen happens ?

I always have my back-up gear with me, but I have never once had to use it. The cameras I use are designed for heavy duty professional use and are carried in some of the most harsh and dangerous climates in the world including war zones. So I’m not at all concerned about equipment failure, but on the off chance it does happen I am completely prepared.

Do you have a replacement photographer in case you become unavailable on the wedding day ?

Yes as a matter of fact I have a few, but I have never once had to call on them.

How many photos do you take during a wedding ?

On a typical wedding I may shoot anywhere between 1200-2400 frames.  That being said you will not see all of those shots.  I will edit them down to somewhere between 250-500 shots.  I don’t have a set number that I insist upon but rather let quality dictate the number.  I believe my clients hire me because they want great photos and I will only show what meets my quality standards.  I will never sacrifice quality for quantity nor do I ever want to provide so many images you get tired of looking through all them.  I have found that by providing only the best quality images I make selecting images for your album or wall art a much easier and much more enjoyable experience.

What is a newlywed portrait session ?

A newlywed session is fun and quirky portrait session done the day after the wedding or shortly after the couple returns from their honeymoon. It allows us to take our time and craft some great portraits that would be overly difficult or impossible to create the day of the wedding. I recommend to most of my couples that they strongly consider a newlywed session, especially those that opt not to take advantage of the free first look session the day of. Choosing to put off your couples portraits until after your wedding day will free up time you could be partying at your reception.

I was told you have a honeymoon option. Why would I want to bring a photographer on my honeymoon ?

Your honeymoon is the final part of your wedding story. It is your first days together as a newlywed couple and you will want to remember the great times you had on your honeymoon. Why would you pass up the opportunity to have some amazing photos made in an equally amazing setting. You also get the added benefit of me being available to shoot some great travel and scenery shots for you so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying each others company on your first days as man and wife.

How do you process your images ?

I’m a quality control freak so I will make sure every image you see is up to my standards. Each image you see will be individually processed for correct color, exposure and contrast.  Some will undergo additional processing and be converted into Black & White images, but rest assured all of your images will rock.

Do you offer retouching ?

I firmly believe that the average person should not be able to look at a photograph and tell that is has undergone retouching.  I hate the overdone, heavy handed approach of most retouchers that leaves the subject looking like a plastic doll.  I take a more subtle approach.  I want you to look great not fake. That being said, every piece of wall art that leaves my studio will undergo minor blemish removal.  I will also do minor blemish removal for the majority of the photos that go into your wedding album.  Additional retouching is available upon request for an additional fee. This could include things ranging from birthmark removal to eye color change to complete body modification.

How soon after the event are the proofs ready for viewing ?

4-8 weeks depending on my workload. Typically it is 4 weeks but it can take longer in mid-spring and mid-fall as those are peak wedding times.

Do you offer online proofing ?

Yes. Online proofs are ready 4-8 weeks after the wedding and will remain posted for 6 weeks. After the 6 week period it is $25 a month for any additional online proofing. Once the proofing period has expired your images will be removed and archived. There is a $50 fee to re-post images to the online proofing system from the archive.

How long do you keep your files?

I will keep duplicate copies of your files on multiple-hard drives for one year. After the one year period I will remove the files from my work drive and they will be transferred and safely stored in long-term archive. There is a $50 fee to pull and re-post images from long-term archive.

Can I share my pictures in email or put my pictures online ?

I offer free web-sized logo stamped versions of your files for online use like email or facebook. These files are for online use only and are not print quality. You may not crop, change, or alter these images any in away.

Do you offer the digital files to your clients ?

Yes digital files are available. The files will be delivered in the form of a digital download and will contain the edited jpeg files that appear on the online proofing site from your wedding and any related event such as your engagement or bridal session. The files comes with a copyright release form which you will be required to sign and keep with the files at all times. This form will prove to the photo lab that you have the right to print my professional photos. You  may not sell them, use them for commercial gain, or use them for advertising or editorial purposes. You may not make a copies for distribution to anyone for any reason. You are allowed to make a personal back-up copy for yourself, but if that copy leaves your possession it is then considered distribution. I retain the exclusive rights to the sale of images. I rely on print sales from friends and family to make a living and stay in business.

What is your copyright policy ?

I retain full copyright to all images upon creation. You will be provided with a digital download and you may make a backup of this download for personal use but may not distribute these files to anyone else for any reason. I rely on print sales to make a living and stay in business. Copying any low-resolution photos from my website, blog or facebook account or making scans of my prints is strictly prohibited and is a breach of contract as well as a violation of federal copyright laws.

How do I go about booking you and what is your deposit ?

All clients sign a contract and pay  1/3 of the total contracted amount as a non-refundable retainer fee. Once those two things are done your date or dates will be blocked off and you are booked.

Do you offer any payment options ?

After the initial retainer I allow you to pay as you see fit within the set-up payment schedule. You can pay a little at a time or pay in one lump sum, which ever is more convenient for you. The balance is due in full no later than one month prior to the wedding. In addition to a flexible payment schedule I offer a gift registry option so that your family, friends, and wedding guest my help contribute to your photography fee or help pay for your album or wall art.

What forms of payment do you accept ?

I accept cash, check, and all major credit cards.

When is the final payment due ?

All balances must be paid in full no later than one month prior to the wedding.