Baton Rouge Engagement Photos – Francine & Albert

Francine & Albert opted for engagement photos in downtown baton rouge and wanted a session that had both day and night shots. It was a cloudy afternoon but luckily it started to clear up just enough that we got a wonderful sunset and I made sure to use it to full advantage.

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New Orleans Rehearsal Dinner – Brooke & Joseph

Brooke and Joseph decided to do something a bit different when they selected their venue for their rehearsal dinner. Most couples pick a fancy restaurant, but Brooke and Joseph decided to go with one of Joseph’s favorite long time family haunts. Mike Serio’s Po-boys has been open since 1958 and Joseph’s father Joseph Sr. has been a patron and friend of the Serio family from day one so it really was a fitting venue for their rehearsal dinner.

Baton Rouge Wedding Photography – Holly & Greg

I’ve known Holly since my days at my college news paper. She was a new photographer and I was the photo chief so it was my job to train her. She caught on fast and ended up being an excellent photojournalist and then after graduation she started shooting weddings and portraits, all of that is to say she knows a thing or two about good photos, so I was thrilled when she said she couldn’t think of anyone else she would want to document her big day. Even better she said she wanting it all black and white, which for me is just a timeless classic so I always love when my couples choose that because it is so rare these days. I hope you enjoy.

Baton Rouge Bridal Portraits – Holly

It is always a great pleasure to shoot a fellow photographers wedding. Holly and I have know each other for several years, we go way back to when we were both young aspiring photojournalist at our college paper. For her bridal session she wanted super simple, just her in a field of green with a simple bouquet of flowers.

Baton Rouge Bridal Photography – Kacey

Kacey knew exactly what she wanted – a very short bridal session with just a few very traditional images. While I generally like to shoot for more than one or two image my first goal is to always give my brides exactly what they want. These are the final three that she ended up with in her album.

baton rouge bride at old state capital

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