Baton Rouge


I started my love affair with photography at a very young age when I received my very first camera, a Le Clic 110, at the age of 6. I can still vividly remember running around with that little blue camera documenting my world. I must have gone though at least a mile of film in those first few years. I would photograph everything: my friends climbing an oak tree on a lazy summer afternoon, rain drops on a window pane after a thunderstorm, my pregnant aunt as she grew bigger and bigger with my little cousin. It didn’t matter what it was. It amazed me that with the slide of a lever and the push of a button I could capture and preserve a unique moment in time; and despite the fact that I have grown and the tools have changed that wonder and amazement remains. It was that magic feeling that drove me to learn all I could about photography.

Once in college I enrolled in the photography program, and took every possible course my schedule would allow. For a while it felt like I was practically living in the darkrooms. It was in those years that I discovered a photograph can be more than just a visual record of a unique moment in time, properly crafted it can affect the viewer in ways that I never would have ever imagined.

Since graduating college I have taken those lessons learned through countless hours behind the lens and in the darkroom and become a nationally published photographer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and regularly service the New Orleans, and Lafayette areas. Additionally my work and travels have taken me all over the gulf south region to places like Houston, Texas; Biloxi, Mississippi; Mobile, Alabama and one of my personal favorite locations Pensacola, Florida.

It is because I am a classically trained art photographer, photojournalist, fashion photographer, and portrait photographer with several years of varied professional experience that I am able to create unique photography that will truly stand out. It is my belief that there is no magic formula for the perfect photographer or the perfect photograph. As a photographer I strive to make every shoot as different and unique as the individuals I work with – every shoot caries with it a unique set of challenges that offer an opportunity to create outstanding photography. The right photographer can capitalize on these opportunities and create an amazing set of photos that do more than just record what is in front of the lens. That is where I come in. That’s my job, and I love what I do.